Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 11 June 2021

| 14 June 2021
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 11 June 2021

Dear Parents

I strongly suspect, in many years' time, we will look back at this period of our lives with awe at what we lived through.... and I hope, with some considerable pride about how we all responded. As we draw towards the end of an extraordinary year for the school, I am certainly extremely proud of our pupils, and all they have achieved this year in such difficult circumstances.

I wanted to celebrate with parents one concrete example of our success. Each year, we analyse our performance as a school by completing 'standardised testing' in English and Maths, which allows us to check the progress of all our cohorts compared to national norms. Given the widespread headlines about dips in performance and months of lost learning in schools across the nation, we were especially interested to see how Dumpton had fared during this disrupted year. Happily, the results show pupils' overall progress in English and Maths has soared, and we have actually not just achieved, but surpassed the expected progress of any normal year. All the credit for this must be shared here between our incredible staff and pupils, who have shown tremendous spirit, flexibility and positivity all year. You can because you think you can...

Our growing and developing EdX support team has also had a huge part to play. Since our return from lockdown in March, the EdX team have provided an additional 1750 hours of support in lessons, with small groups, with targeted individuals, and crucially, with widespread social and emotional support. Countless children have benefitted, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the EdX staff for the positive impact they have undoubtedly had.

Y8 Leavers' Programme
Our superb Y8s finished their last exam this morning, and after a quick team photo, began the Leavers Programme with a day down at Sandbanks Beach. The Leavers' Programme is the culmination of the Dumpton experience, and a truly special time for any of the pupils involved. Mr Loe and his team have managed to put together a fantastic programme over the next three weeks which include a residential trip to the Purbecks, plenty of day trips, and lots of excitement in school too - and most excitingly for Y8 I think, not a single lesson in sight! They truly deserve to have a special time after all their hard work, and we hope it is as fun and as memorable as ever.

Cricket Success
The Boys' 1st XI completed an unbeaten season this year with a victory over Durlston on Wednesday, and throughout the school there have been some wonderful progress. It is particularly pleasing to see the girls enjoying their cricket so much, and I was delighted to hear of the success of Sabela S-V, and Abby and Issy W in being chosen to represent Dorset U11s in their match against Gloucestershire last week. With Alfie A-I, Teddy G, Ron W, Patrick R and Phoenix W all representing Wimborne on their run to the Dorset County Cup Final, Dumpton pupils are really making a mark with their cricket.

Maths Challenge
Around 30 Dumpton Y7 and Y8 pupils recently participated in the Junior Mathematical Challenge. We had 10 Bronze winners, three Silver winners, and a superb 6 Gold certificate winners. Well done to Alexander B, Joe S, Toby L, Cammy C, Lawrence A-H, and Joe K for this achievement, which puts them amongst the best mathematicians for their age nationally.

Kingston Lacy
Y2 visited Kingston Lacy in glorious conditions on Wednesday. Do see our social media feeds for pictures of this trip, and much more: school-news

Y3 and Y4 Camp Out
Well done to the Y4 campers for getting through last night in such fine shape. They were certainly in high spirits when I popped down for a bacon sandwich this morning, though I am not sure if they all had quite as much sleep as they might be used to! Y3 will be wonderful tonight I am sure - what a superb, exciting experience for them all.

Upcoming Events
With so much activity, I thought it might be useful to give you an overview of the major events occurring towards the end of term. Events in bold will, we very much hope, be open to parents to attend. Please see the school calendar for more details, including timings.  The calendar can be found on the school website.

Thursday 17th June - Nursery & Reception Sports Day
Friday 18th June - Y7 Outing to Sandbanks with Watersports Academy
Monday 21st-23rd June - Y8 Residential Camp Land & Wave, Purbecks
Monday 21st June - Reception Summer Concert
Monday 21st June - Y1 Summer Concert
Tuesday 22nd June - Final of the Poetry Recitation Competition
Wednesday 23rd June - Prep School Sports Day
Wednesday 23rd-25th June - Y5 Residential Camp Land & Wave, Purbecks
Thursday 24th June - Y2 Summer Concert
Friday 25th June - Y6 Outing to the 'WaterSports Academy', Sandbanks
Friday 25th June - Year 1 & Year 2 Sports Day
Thursday 1st July - Dumpton Performing Arts Afternoon
Thursday 1st July - FoDS Summer Picnic
Friday 2nd July - Prize Giving

We of course wait with bated breath to see what the Government's decision will be this Monday with regards to delaying the relaxation of lockdown. Although we hope our planning has taken into account this eventuality and lots of our events can proceed as planned, it will have some implications so please do be prepared for some changes. I will write again next week with more information as soon as possible, and we will ensure you have all the information you need as soon as we can.

I do hope you enjoy a brilliant weekend in the meantime.

Christian Saenger