Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 14 February 2020

| 14 February 2020

Dear Parents 

This week our focus at school has been Healthy Lifestyles, and we were treated to a very entertaining assembly from Mr Nye about "Getting the Balance Right". This might be a phrase that my team and I have uttered more often than any other over the last few months - there are so many areas of life at school that can easily become unbalanced if we are not vigilant. 

Do we want our children to be pushed to fulfil their academic potential - or should we focus more on their happiness? Do we want pupils to be prepared for examinations and Senior Schools success - or should we shield them from the pressures and worries of testing and assessment? Is it ultimately the outcomes that matter in academics, sport and music - or is the process and the learning more important? Do we want classrooms to be calm, focused and orderly - or do we want joy, engagement and energy? I could go on!

Parents will realise I am sure that all of these dichotomies are actually false comparisons. In fact, many of them are entirely inter-dependent. If we want to (and I believe we should want to), we can have both - but only if we work very hard to 'get the balance right'. I think that is something that Dumpton already does very well - and it will continue to be a priority moving forwards.

Musical Performances
There were two wonderful musical events this week. Firstly, our weekly Thursday Music Assembly saw our brass players splendidly accompanying our hymn. This was followed by a wonderful Lunchtime Concert today. Videos from both of these events, and plenty of other highlights of the week, can be found on our Social Media channels as usual.  Click here.

Minibuses returning from Fixtures
One area highlighted in our Parent Survey was the challenge of fixtures afternoons, with it sometimes being difficult to know when minibuses were returning, and whether they were on time or not. We are trialling a system to help, involving the screen in The Link. The expected arrival times of all minibuses will be displayed, and we will update this if anyone is running late. We do hope this helps, and look forward to trialling this over the coming weeks.

Disabled Car Parking
Thank you to all parents for adhering to our guidelines for the Car Park. Could I ask however that we make an effort to keep the Blue Disabled Car Park space clear at all times for those who need it. Please use the allotted drop off zone if you want to drop and go.

Dumpton - The Journey Ahead – Tuesday 10 March
Do look out for the invitation for this event, which has already been emailed to you today.  I am looking forward to presenting my thoughts on the future of Dumpton. We would like to ascertain numbers, so please do RSVP.  

Charity Day – Friday 24 April
Mr Moulton announced our new charity event in assembly this week, which will take place early on in the Summer Term.  The pupils have been tasked with researching and choosing potential charities for us to support.  With the help of the Dumpton Parliament, we will choose our charity and begin to plan our fundraising ideas after half term.

Regional Sporting Success
Dumpton has always punched above its weight, and I'm delighted to report that the U13A Hockey team have come through a tough regional tournament to qualify for the IAPS Nationals - a terrific achievement. Earlier this week, we also competed at the IAPS Regional Swimming Championships. Mr Jeremiah writes: What an amazing afternoon of swimming for all of the 27 Dumpton swimmers who took part in the IAPS qualifying event at Clayesmore School. The commitment and determination in the water was brilliant and the support and encouragement of their teammates was a great showcase of just how we like to see children perform at Dumpton. We may now have a long wait to see if we have any National qualifiers but regardless of any positive results, this was a great performance from all our swimmers from Yr4 through to Yr8.  

FoDS Spring Lunch and Summer Ball
FoDS are delighted to announce details of their Spring Lunch, which will take place in The Garden Room at Cranborne Garden Centre on Friday 13 March.  Please find attached a poster with full details and a booking form – FoDS look forward to seeing many of you there.  I am told that tickets for the FoDS Summer Ball (Saturday 13 June) are selling well, please do book your places as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

With best wishes for a good half term break.

Christian Saenger