Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 16 November 2020

| 13 November 2020

Dear Parents

We had nearly 100 guests for our Remembrance Service on Wednesday, which mixed live and pre-recorded elements - and what a poignant service it was. I am so glad that technology meant we could welcome the wider school community to this occasion. We began with an Anthem from our choir of pupils and staff, and then Y8 pupils recited the names of every Old Dumptonian who has given their lives in war. We also had a short duologue from Journey's End by Amélie M and Will B, and a choral recital of In Flanders Field, again from our Year 8 pupils. The Service was ended with Tom C's masterful playing of the Last Post - many of our staff have said they have not heard it played better by a pupil. It was as moving as ever. Thank you to all involved, especially Mr Nye for his organisation.

House Football - Special Mentions
Further to last week's announcement that Dorset had won the House Football, a special mention to the following who were recognised for their efforts for their House:

Year 3 - Luca L, Thomas R, Felix S, Clara M, Samuel V, Josh G, Flynn B, Martha AI
Year 4 - Hattie I, Digby H, Harlow W, Kitto S
Year 5 - Jack I, James B, Darcie J, Alexander S
Year 6 - Josslin H, Levi T, Joe P, Violet R
Year 7 - Lewis P, Phoenix W, Gracie T, Oscar O, Brooke J
Year 8 - Anaïs V, Max H, Tom W, Massimo B, Matilda AI

Y7 and Y8 Exams
Well done to Y8 for their efforts during Exam Week. Focused, determined and resilient throughout, and each of you have given it your best shot. That is all we ask! Pupils are already getting results back and going through papers with their teachers, and parents will receive a formal exam slip with all results in due course. It is Y7's turn next week, and we wish them all the very best.

Progress Test in English and Maths
All parents from Y4 upwards should this week have received a Parent Report summarising English and Maths progress, with the exception of Y7, which we will be sending out after the exams next week. We hope the information is useful, and we would again encourage any of you to touch base with your child's teachers should you want to know more.

I have been enjoying the Pre-Prep's excellent updates to parents via Seesaw, and we do hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse of what your children are up to each week. With the normal conversations on the door a little briefer these days, keeping you in touch with all that is going on in school has never been more important. Parent Evenings are coming up soon, so we hope that the parental communication and interactions with staff is just as strong as it always has been.

Emotions Matter - Mental Health
A reminder that all parents are welcome to join this talk which takes place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th November via our usual link. We already know many of you are keen to attend, and we look forward to hearing from Lulu Luckock about looking after the mental health of our children.

Y4 Jabberwocky Performance
All parents are invited to the 'Premiere' of Y4's performance of Jabberwocky during Monday's assembly. Y4 composed the music, produced art work and improvised and choreographed all the movement for this multi-media performance of Lewis Carroll's famous poem. We can't wait to see what they have produced!

Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks
As part of our celebration of Anti-Bullying Week at Dumpton next week, 5P have asked that we all wear odd socks to school on Monday. Girls have the option of wearing brightly coloured tights should they wish to. We look forward to seeing some real splashes of colour on Monday - and what an important message for us all to get behind.

With best wishes for the weekend.

Christian Saenger