Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 16th October 2021

| 18 October 2021
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 18th October 2021

Dear Parents

"There is so much more to us than we know. If we can only be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less." Kurt Hahn.

This will be my last letter of the half term - and I don't remember having quite so enjoyable a half term for a long time. One of my refrains this term in all my conversations with children has been to embrace the incredible range of opportunities that surround them at Dumpton: whether it's the school orchestra, the cross-country squad, Dramarama, Mini-Kickers, the Geography Quiz, the public speaking competition, the school choir, DECA, Hobbies - there is always something to try. And simply by trying something new, children stand to gain so much. We believe in Character Education at Dumpton, and Kurt Hahn's words, above, are a reminder about how precious those early years of a child's life are. We take that responsibility very seriously, and will continue to build a rich and varied array of co-curricular opportunities to help all the children at Dumpton flourish.

School Trips
School trips are part of those extra layers of education that add so much value, and it has been a busy week!  

Y1 had the most wonderful day at Kingston Lacy on Thursday and were so very lucky with the weather.  The children learnt a little more about homes from the past, the guides in each room were so very helpful and the children listened beautifully.  They found the ‘Judgement of Solomon’ in the Dining Room, a beautiful painting and a real opportunity for art appreciation.  The guide was able to show the children how, although the painting is unique and worth over a million pounds, it is in actual fact unfinished.  The children sat beautifully for lunch and were rewarded with an ice cream and an adventure play before heading back to school in time for their dance lesson. 

Y3 have spent today at the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. They have watched a fire lightning demonstration in the Earthouse, had a go at blacksmithing in the Roman Forge and tried their hand at Archery. Hopefully they will manage to grind enough wheat using the quern stones to make into bread which can be cooked on the fire in the Iron Age Roundhouse at the end of the day.

Y6 spent sunny yesterday at Mill Lawn Brook in the New Forest studying first-hand the drainage basin and its magnificent meanders. They measured cross-sections and velocity with ponies and pigs keeping them company!

Y7 and Y8 Exams and the ISEB Pre-Test
Mr Morgan will be writing to Y7 and Y8 parents early next week about the Exams which take place next half term, with a little more detail about how pupils are being prepared and what supporting materials are available for revision. The ISEB Pre-Tests also take place for Y6 and Y7 as per the calendar, and Mr Morgan will also be writing to parents about an opportunity to take a Mock-Pre-Test if they wish.

FoDS Quiz
The FoDs have unfortunately had to postpone the Quiz planned for tomorrow. We are so sorry, but look forward to the event happening in the Spring Term.

Y7/Y8 Public Speaking Competition
We are holding our inaugural Public Speaking Competition on Monday in the Recital Hall at 4.45pm - all parents are welcome to come and watch. Every single pupil in Y7 and Y8 has written and performed a persuasive speech this term, and the English Department have been amazed by the quality of the response. Congratulations, however, to all the finalists chosen: Brooke H, Ethan C, Mairi S, Alfie A I, Will M, Ethan Y, Alex G, Jasper B, Violet R, Lyra A, Oscar G, Josh J, Iris P, Josslin H, Zak H and Olivia O.

Prep School Online Parents' Evenings
Thank you to Mr Morgan for his organisation of the Y3, Y4 and Y5 online Parents' Evenings this week, which I know both staff and parents found very useful. Y6 follow on Tuesday evening, with Y7 and Y8 and Pre-Prep scheduled after half term as per the School Calendar.

National Horse-Riding Success
It is always a pleasure to hear of out of school success - and we are so very proud of Phoebe C who was by far the youngest member of the West Hants team that came away Champions in the Prince Philip Cup at the 72nd edition of ‘Horse of the Year Show’ last week. This is an especially triumphant moment for Phoebe and her family as older Brother Henry (an old Dumptonian) was also part of the winning team.  An incredible achievement and warmest congratulations to them all.

Half Term Baking
Steph's Tiffin has been receiving a few rave reviews by parents at Match Tea. She's very kindly shared her recipe (attached) for anyone who fancies a bit of baking over the half term.

Last Day of Half Term
Just a reminder that half term begins on Wednesday next week. Wednesday is a normal day, but do remember that there will be no school minibuses on Wednesday evening.

With best wishes

Christian Saenger