Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 19 March 2021

| 22 March 2021
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 19 March 2021

Dear Parents

Being Kind at Dumpton - Living our Values
We all talk about kindness all the time at Dumpton - 'treat others as you would like to be treated' continues to be school rule No.1. Looking after one another, supporting one another, and developing empathetic, caring and considerate children is something we truly value.

But we are increasingly aware how important it is that we live our values, not just talk about them. What do we do when children are - as unfortunately we all know will happen from time to time - unkind? And how do we tackle more serious forms of unkindness? As a School, we are undergoing a review of our policies in this area to ensure that we truly live up to our values of kindness, equality, and inclusiveness. We will be reaching out to some parents as part of that process too; it is of course, very much a community responsibility.

Children will make mistakes - that is part of growing up. It is our job to ensure that when mistakes are made children learn from them, and avoid repeating them again in the future, and that we continue to nurture and reinforce that special, kind atmosphere that Dumpton is so well known for.

FoDS Picnic
Thank you to Karen Wood and the FoDS team who are already busily planning a key event - the FoDS Summer Picnic. Taking place on Thursday 1st July, I am assured this is a wonderful community event, and my how we will need it after the year we have had - fingers crossed this lovely outdoor event can go ahead as planned. The FoDS are looking to see whether any parents in the community might like to be involved, for example, with mobile catering stalls or otherwise. Do contact Karen at fods@dumpton.com if you are interested.

Pre-Prep and Nursery Dance
I was delighted to see Dance back in action in the Pre-Prep this week. Miss Nichol was glowing about the pupils and their enjoyment and effort in those sessions. It really is lovely to see the pupils expressing themselves in this way, and we look forward to more in the Summer Term.

The allotments have been full of happy children at lunchtime this week. They are looking splendid (mainly thanks to the heroic efforts of all those who attended the Dig-Off last year, and of course the indefatigable Mr Cox). Seeing the children take time out of a busy day to potter in the allotments is wonderful - and I know that plenty of things have been planted this week already. We look forward to a bumper harvest in the Summer!

Easter Egg Hunt
I am delighted that the Pre-Prep Easter Egg Hunt will be taking place this year on the last Friday of term. A huge thank you to the FoDS for supporting this event, and although parents will not be able to attend as usual and stay for hot-cross buns (next year I promise!), we hope the children will really enjoy the event.

Thank You
I would just like to thank parents for all their support in continuing to follow the current COVID-19 restrictions on the school site.  I look forward very much to the time when we can operate without restrictions again.  

With best wishes

Christian Saenger