Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 19 November 2021

| 22 November 2021
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 19 November 2021

Dear Parents

The school is beginning to buzz and hum with some familiar Christmas melodies as all the children in the school prepare for some kind of Christmas show in the coming weeks. One of the lovely things about Dumpton is how much everyone loves to sing - staff included - and it really is quite infectious. We really look forward to sharing some special Christmas performances with you in the coming weeks. 

The Mood Meter
This has also been a week where the children have learnt more about the ‘Mood Meter’, a key tool from RULER, our whole school approach to building emotional intelligence. A big thank you to Mr Moulton for his excellent assembly on Tuesday, and also to the Pre-Prep and Nursery who are already making such excellent use of the RULER approach in their classrooms. We seem to have a very positive, happy and calm set of pupils in school at the moment - maybe this is just a coincidence? But we do feel that RULER has had a really positive impact already...

Senior School Pre-Tests
Well done to all the Y7 pupils who took the ISEB Pre-test for Bryanston or Canford this week, following the Y6 pupils who took it for Canford or Winchester College previously. We wish you all the best of luck with those varying processes, and we feel sure that all of you will have done brilliantly. 

Year 6 Debating
Debating is a new addition to our curriculum this year for Y6, who have been having a debating lesson once a fortnight with me. It’s been brilliant to see them learning the rules and terminology of the debate format, and also developing the confidence to make their points and argue. 6C and 6S are now setting up for their end of term debate: “This House Believes that the Arts are more important to the world than Science”. It should be a really fascinating one, and a great experience for all involved.

Year 5 Geography 
Year 5 parents should look out for an email from Mrs Cox.  As part of their study of Development in Geography, Year 5 have been looking at what life is like in some of the world’s poorest regions, including the severe challenges faced by the 3.6 billion people on the planet who do not have access to safe, sanitary toilet facilities and fresh water.  Year 5 have decided that they would like to do something as a group to try and help a community in the developing world and have come up with their own idea to raise money. Mrs Cox is really proud of their compassion and their initiative!

Performance Assembly
Every Thursday morning, we have a Performance Assembly and it's always a highlight of the week. Yesterday morning we had Fraser B playing a superb rendition of ‘Holst's Jupiter’, some Y6 pupils playing a composition inspired by The Wreck of Zanzibar, Alexander S performing a brilliant rendition of the poem 'The Letter A'. and Austin R performing 'There is a Santa Clause' from Elf the Musical (which Austin is performing in at the LightHouse Theatre this Christmas!). As I said to the pupils, we are so very lucky to be able to appreciate live performances like this each week. Parents of performers are always welcome to attend in person, but all parents can tune in on Zoom.

Year 8 Duties
Our superb Y8 have been busy with their duties this week, a way to give them a taste of responsibility as the oldest pupils in the school. Duties include supervising Pre-Prep break in the Adventure Playground, seating children in assemblies, and supporting Prep school break time. In addition, the School Prefects run the School Council, and we also have Sports Ambassadors who help the Games department and are now refereeing junior matches and helping with games sessions when appropriate. We are really proud of all the Y8s and the contribution they make to the school.

Hockey, Rugby and Cross Country Fixtures
We had nearly 200 children playing hockey and rugby this week, against Sherborne Prep, Sunninghill and BCS Prep. A big thank you to all the parents who have supported these fixtures - it has been lovely to have so much support from the sidelines! A reminder to all parents that coaches try to write a match report after each fixture. We run through these in Assembly on Thursday morning, but they are also available for all to read through on the Dumpton Sports Website.

A special mention must go to Marni P and Seni P who both won their respective cross country races yesterday!

The BC Club Charity Taxi
We were paid a very colourful visit by Mr Reg Yeow this week, who collected his children from school in the most wonderful old London taxi. It is all part of a fundraising initiative by the BC Club, a collection of individuals who have raised over £600,000 since 2008. They are currently raising money for Variety Wessex, which provides support for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children.  If any parents would like to learn more, or support Mr Yeow and the BC Club with their efforts, please click on the link below: https://www.bc-club.co.uk/taxi-challenge-donations

Parents’ Evenings and Christmas Shows
A reminder to check the calendar about the varying Parents’ Evenings coming up this term. Nursery Parents’ Evenings have started this week, with Y8 beginning on Monday and Tuesday, and Y7 and Pre-prep following soon after. It's also nearly Christmas season, with the school busily preparing for a host of different performances - more confirmation of final details for these will be sent to relevant year groups by email.

With best wishes
Christian Saenger