Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 20th November 2020

| 23 November 2020

Dear Parents

Anti-Bullying Week
Thank you to 5P for their excellent Anti-Bullying Week assembly this morning. It rounded off a week, which had begun so colourfully with us all wearing odd socks to show that we stand 'united against bullying'. It is an incredibly important topic, and I hope some of the key messages of this week have really sunk in. Being unkind to someone is always the wrong choice, no matter the circumstances. As Anne Frank said, 'the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit'. The vast majority of pupils at Dumpton are always kind, compassionate and empathetic. We will all work together - pupils, parents and staff - to keep it that way I am sure.

Emotions Matter
This talk on Tuesday evening was so well attended with over 70 parents joining in from home - a sign of just how important our children's mental health is to all of us. It was a great opportunity to reflect on parenting, life, and much much more. Lulu has kindly shared the key information from this talk, which I have attached here. I hope it is useful.

Jabberwocky Performance
A huge well done to all Year 4 for their at times quite magical (and at times quite terrifying!) performance of Jabberwocky. Thank you to Mr Nye, Mr Moulton and Mrs Skinner for their work here - it is wonderful to see the pupils having the chance to express their creativity so impressively.

Y7 Exams
A huge well done to Y7 who completed their exams this week - this was the first set of formal exams they have sat, and they did themselves proud.

The Primary Maths Challenge
We had an amazing 36 pupils win certificates in the recent Primary Maths Challenge, and well done especially to Joshua DLH, William C, George L, Nicholas L, Pippa R, Alice H, and Chester N who won the sought after Gold certificates for their very high scores here.

Mobile Phones

Just a brief reminder that no pupil should bring a mobile phone into school - thank you for your support with this.

Y1 and Y2 Games
I have been delighted to hear how much Y1 and Y2 have taken to their new lunchtime Games lessons in the Sports Hall. Mr Grogan has been hugely impressed with their enthusiasm, and they are showing some real potential already when it comes to their football skills, team work, and energy.

Bronze Merit Badges
Congratulations to the following pupils who have achieved their Bronze Merit Badges this week – a great achievement to reach 100 merits: Martha AI, Flynn B, Emeli H, Harry C, Joshua G, Georgie R, Oscar D, Isaac H, Charlotte W-S, Izzy N, Abby Waters, Bella F, Elyssa S, Tilly A, Joe C, Nathan S, Sabela SV, Zac W, Izzy F-D, Izzy Waters, Lissy A, Alex G, Tom D, Jacob V-W and Cammy C

With best wishes,

Christian Saenger