Headmaster's Newsletter Friday 25 October 2019

| 25 October 2019

Dear Parents

As we draw to the end of a long half term, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils, parents, and staff for making this half term, my first at Dumpton, such an excellent one.  It has been a real joy to meet and get to know so many of you over the last few weeks. 

Dumpton has its own special history, and I shared at the beginning of the week in Assembly some memorabilia and enjoyable stories from an Old Dumptonian and current parent. So much about the school has changed since then (in some cases, thankfully so!), but the core values of the school have held firm. Two more Old Dumptonians visited me yesterday and spoke with great positivity and fondness about their time here in the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of them very movingly said, just before he left: "It is good to see that though the buildings have changed, Dumpton has retained its special ethos. My time at Dumpton formed my character, and my character is what has lead me to my success in life."

Dumpton Parliament and Eco-Committee
There are two opportunities for Prep School pupils to demonstrate their responsibility over the coming year, with each form providing its own representatives. The Dumpton Parliament will meet with me to give pupils a chance to influence some of the future plans for the school. The Eco-Committee will work with Mrs Cox to push forward our green agenda at Dumpton - a strength of this school I am very keen to build upon. I look forward to working with the chosen pupils in due course.

I am delighted to see the FoDs events for this term, and I think it is positive to have some social occasions for parents to enjoy one another's company. The Wreath Making (announced last week) still has spaces available, and this week we include the flyer and booking form for the Evening of Steak and SA Wine at Zim. Both events look like they will be excellent occasions.

The first Tuesday back after half term will see a number of pupils in Year 6 and Year 7 sitting the ISEB Pre-test. Mrs Rielly will be speaking to those pupils on the Monday we return to explain the process and the timings.  We know it might be a nerve-wracking experience for some, and we will do our best to ensure we provide a calm, supportive environment for all.

The Informal Concert on Tuesday of this week was a real pleasure, as was the Music Assembly on Thursday where we heard from 8 of our violinists, from Grade 1 right through to Grade 6. I continue to be so impressed by the commitment and talent of our musicians - hearing them play has been a great joy of my time at Dumpton so far.

Shoebox Appeal 
We have a number of brightly wrapped shoeboxes in the Front Hall already and would very much like to add to this before the final collection, which will come round very quickly after half term (Wednesday 6 November).

We will be starting new hobbies after half term, and the new choices are now available for selection on the Parents' Area of the website.  A range of indoor options are planned, such as Dance, Christmas Arts and Crafts, Sports Hall Net Games, Cookery, Animation, Movie-making, Life Saving, Karaoke Musicals and many more.

From the Pre-Prep
Mrs Appleby Ingram has had a great first half term teaching the Pre-Prep PE on Fridays. The children have all done really well getting used to having their own changing rooms! All the children from Nursery to Year 2 have had such fun having their gymnastic lessons in the new Sports Hall. They have been practicing different ways of travelling, rolling, jumping and balancing; culminating in the children making up their own sequence with a partner. Very impressive! 

Advance Warning of Temporary Closure of Allenview Road and Burts Hill, Wimborne
Dorset Council has informed us that vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along Allenview Road and Burts Hill, to allow for works to be carried out.  This will come into operation from Monday 4 November 2019 and will remain in force for 18 months.  We will continue to operate our usual one-way system – please remember to approach Deans Grove from the Horns Inn.  The public notice and closure plan are attached.

Prep School Achievements
Congratulations to Dorset House who have won the most merits so far this year. They were lucky enough to enjoy 'Winners Friday' today, and received some privileges as a result of their efforts. Congratulations also to these individuals for their sterling efforts this term: Austin R (70), Alexa M (70), Lissy A (86) Amelie H (73), Alexander S (92), Sofie Y (91), William C (97), Millie N (70), Kitty M (76), Charlie R (80), Heather H (80).

With best wishes for a lovely half term break.

Christian Saenger