Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 28 January 2022

| 31 January 2022
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 28 January 2022

Dear Parents

A big big thank you to everyone this week for their efforts, despite the unwelcome arrival of a Covid outbreak to Dumpton. That it's been such an excellent week despite this is wonderful to see, and a big thank you to parents for your understanding and support, and to the staff for working so hard to manage the situation as smoothly as possible, with parents’ evenings, special events, all our activities and our sporting fixtures continuing as usual. Well done to the children too, who, as ever, have shown their typical resilience and positivity, especially those who have unfortunately been stuck at home. Cases seem to have plateaued - but I'm afraid we can certainly expect things to rumble on over the coming days... 

Covid-19 - From the Matron Team
A huge thank you to all parents who are continuing to test their children on a regular basis during these challenging times. It is greatly appreciated, and has already proved useful in identifying many without symptoms. May we please remind everyone that if your child does have symptoms a PCR is recommended as an LFD may not always pick up a positive case.

The Performing Arts Faculty
It is exciting times here as our new Performing Arts Faculty clicks and gathers pace. Mrs Mudd and Mrs Warde announced to some very excited Y5 and Y6 children that they will all be taking part in this year's School Musical - Oliver! I am so delighted, and it will be wonderful to have a production like this to look forward to in the Summer Term. As well as this, the programme of Performing Arts is developing in all sorts of other ways: do note in your diaries a new entry to the calendar this term - the 'Spring Spectacular' - an afternoon of performances from the Prep School children on Tuesday 22nd March. Mrs Mudd will be in touch with you directly about this in due course.

Y8 Macbeth - From Mrs Warde
Today in Performing Arts, Year 8 performed Act 1 Scene 3 from Macbeth, where Macbeth and Banquo meet the Witches. This scene is in preparation for the Spring Concert in March. All pupils really committed to the characters, excelling in creating the eerie mood on the heath, utilising interesting staging, projected backdrops and lights to enhance their presentations. There were some really impressive performances and they should all be really proud of their efforts. Well done, Year 8!

Sporting Success
Well done to everyone who played this week, but particularly those involved in tournaments. A particular mention must go to the U10 Girls Netball who did brilliantly to come 3rd at the Canford tournament, and the U13 Boys Hockey who came 2nd in their tournament at Bryanston.

RULER - The Story So Far
Many thanks to Miss Goodhew for helping me present to a good number of parents last night, and we were followed by Lulu delivering her final parents' session on 'The Meta Moment'. The roll out of RULER has been a really positive and welcome addition to Dumpton life, and I very much hope we're all benefitting from our children becoming more emotionally literate, and giving them a crucial tool to help them flourish in their futures - both professionally, and personally.

Picking Up Children
A reminder from Mrs Shaw to Prep School children and parents - if you are not being collected from school at Early Pick-Up (4.15-4.30) or Late Pick Up (5.45), you must go to the front office to sign out, and parents should collect you from there.

Scotland Trip Presentation
Thank you to Mr Loe and the Y8 team for organising next week’s presentation (Thursday 3rd February) to Y7 Parents on their Scotland Trip. We're delighted that pupils will be heading again to the Far North West Coast of Scotland to challenge themselves and come together as a team in the most incredible surroundings. The presentation will begin at 4.30 for pupils (in the Assembly Hall) and parents (via Zoom). Please see Mr Loe's letter for more details.

Y6, Y7 and Y8 Interview Days
A big well done to all the pupils who had interviews this week, and good luck to those who have them soon. We've had all sorts of pupils attending various interview days at schools such as Canford and Bryanston, with a large number of pupils throwing themselves into their Scholarship assessment days in Sport, DT, Music and Drama.

Y2 Australia Day
Year 2 celebrated Australia Day on Wednesday. They had a zoom call with a Dumpton family’s relative who is in Australia, learned lots of facts about the country, why the day is celebrated and its history. They then made rainmakers, Vegemite and Fairy Bread sandwiches and enjoyed a game of cricket!

Autumn Review
We were delighted to publish our Autumn Review earlier this week and copies have been sent home with the children.  If you have not seen a copy of this terrific publication, please click here.

Easter Holiday Club
As announced last week, the Easter Holiday Club will run for the first week of the Easter Holiday, to secure your child's place, please use the following fill in the forms attached.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Christian Saenger