Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 27 January 2017

| 27 January 2017

Dear Parents
E-Safety Day
One last advertisement for the ‘Parent Seminar’ on the E-Safety Day next Wednesday 1 February from 7.30 pm in the Recital Room.
There will be ten different age specific talks during the day from the Police Safer Schools Team, from Reception through to the teaching staff.  The evening presentation to parents from Gooseberry Planet will hopefully add another dimension to the day.  With technology moving so quickly, we will continue to book this update every year soon after Christmas, ready for the latest influx of new devices and websites…..
Parents’ Evenings
Thank you to all those who have booked their appointments on the Parents’ Evening booking system.  Mrs Sharp has asked me to remind you of a couple of points for future meetings.  Firstly, could you please bring a copy of the appointments on the evening, and secondly could you check that you have made appointments for all the teachers you would like to see – there will be very little leeway for further appointments on the night.  Thank you in advance for this.  
The Year 4 Evening follows next week on Tuesday 31 January and we look forward to catching up with many of you then.  Children will be supervised in the Green Room (next door to the Recital Room) after the end of school on Parents’ Evenings if required.
News from the Sportsfield
We have had another busy sporting week, despite the fog and the ice, with 20+ teams representing the school at hockey and netball on Wednesday.   Very well done to the 1st VII girls who won the very competitive Dumpton Tournament, in a field of 12 schools.  They won all five of their group matches,  before beating Talbot Heath 6-0 in the semi-final and Durlston Court 5-1 in the final. I would also like to thank the other senior girls who hosted the visiting teams so conscientiously – it will be their turn to play next Wednesday with the corresponding 2nd/3rd VII tournament here at Dumpton.
Congratulations also to the senior boys’ hockey teams, with the 1st VII winning 8-1 against Clayesmore, the 2nds 9-1 and 3rds 8-1.  The U11 boys also did us proud at the Bryanston tournament, coming 3rd overall of the 10 schools attending.
World Food Day 
Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful day full of food and cooking from all around the world last Friday!  Mrs Brown introduced them to the tastes of exotic food from China and India teaching about the origin and use of various spices and even their medicinal value.  
Clarion Call
While we have yet to suffer snow this year, we are still keen to be ready for all eventualities and it may be crucial for us to contact you all immediately.  Can we please ask that you update the school with any changes to your mobile telephone number or preferred email address.  Updates can be telephoned through to the School Office or emailed to j.jeremiah@dumpton.com.  Thank you.
Request from Matron
As we are now very much in the middle of the colds and flu season, Cathy Stokes has asked if you would ring through absences as early as possible each day so that registers can be completed first thing in the morning. Alternatively, please email to matron@dumpton.com if this is easier for you.
Kit Aid
Emma Burke has drawn our attention to Kit Aid, a national charity which distributes football kits to African children (see www.kitaid.net). She has spoken with the charity and started to amass a nice pile of clothing, either as complete football kits or individual items. If you would like to add to this, donations will be collected at the School Office.  Kit Aid will also collect football boots and Match Attax cards, which also have a following in Africa!  
Yours sincerely
Andrew Browning