Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 14 January 2022

| 17 January 2022
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 14 January 2022

Dear Parents

It has been a very busy week here at Dumpton with the ISI Inspection Team spending most of the week with us. I am incredibly proud of our school community, and a particular thank you to parents who took the time to complete the survey. Our pupils have shone throughout the week, and the staff have shown the absolute commitment and passion for Dumpton that we have all come to expect. We all hope the Inspectors have enjoyed their week and been impressed with what they saw. We will expect to hear some informal news about how the Inspection has gone at the end of the day - and of course a more detailed inspection report will follow in due course. I will be sure to let you know when it is published. The staff did a brilliant job ensuring we kept up the excitement and enjoyment for the children all week, as you will see below - no mean feat considering the considerable extra workload an Inspection involves. I am truly grateful for their efforts.

Y6 Science Dissection
Not just the usual science lesson for Y6 on Wednesday - they were dissecting a sheep's heart and lung! There were only a few squeamish looks but everyone took a turn to look at the heart and lungs and compare the real thing with the diagrams in their books. They also learnt where the expression 'to pull on the heartstrings' come from! Well done, Y6!

Sports Fixtures – from Mr Randle
100% of pupils that could play sport, did so for the Prep school this week, four days after returning from a Christmas break…. even one pupil who arrived on Wednesday morning and had never played hockey before! Our pupils love sport at Dumpton: they are totally invested in training and playing and recognise the benefits socially, emotionally and physically and are clearly committed to their school. Despite staff absence the staff team rallied round to make this opportunity happen for all - a huge thank you to all involved.

Dorset Schools’ Cross Country – from Mrs Brass
The Cross-Country team took part in the Dorset School's Cross-Country Championships on Thursday at Kings Park, under a beautiful, sunny sky. There was a fantastic turnout with over 150 runners in each race, from schools all over Dorset, all competing for a place in the county squad. The course took the runners out around the park, through woodland and looped back to the athletics track. Despite their nerves, the girls ran brilliantly with Seni P getting a clear win and cementing her place on the county team and Chloe W coming in 25th place despite running against Y7 girls. The boys ran a slightly longer course, which meant pacing was a real challenge but we were so proud of them for giving it their all. Phoenix W came in 20th place in the Year 8 & 9 race, also qualifying for a place in the county team with Ethan Y just behind him. We were so delighted with the effort and camaraderie shown by our runners and look forward to more cross-country meets this term. 

Y3 Performance Assembly - from Mrs Mudd
On Thursday, Year 3 kicked off this term's performing assemblies with some fantastic singing. After only one choir session, they bravely entertained us with their rendition of "Great Day" by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham. The opening phrase of "Put your best smile on your face" and a rousing chorus of "We're bursting with amazing energy!" set the tone for us all to start the day brilliantly. Mrs Mudd was hugely proud of Year 3 for being the first to perform this term and is already looking forward to the next opportunity!

Interview Skills and Model United Nations
Y6 all had interview skills lessons this week with Mr Saenger. They covered a range of tips for making a good first impression at the start of the interview, and then rehearsed some interview answers themselves. Later this term we’re excited about introducing Model United Nations to both Y7 and Y8 pupils in a fortnightly session. More information on this soon!

Y3 Parents' Evening
We’re sorry that we’re having to hold this Parents' Evening remotely this term, as we’d very much hoped to be able to see you in person. All the details can be found on Mr Morgan’s letter.

Contact Details 
Without wishing to tempt fate we have yet to suffer snow this year but are still keen to be ready for all eventualities and it may be necessary for us to contact you all immediately.  Can we please ask that you update the school with any changes to your mobile telephone number or preferred email address?  Updates can be telephoned through to the School Office or emailed to j.jeremiah@dumpton.com.  Thank you in advance.

With best wishes
Christian Saenger