Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 23 April 2021

| 26 April 2021
Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 23 April 2021

Dear Parents,

The sun has shone all week at Dumpton, and with the site looking so splendid it has all been wonderfully idyllic! Well done to the children - they have returned to school full of energy and positivity, and there has been so much fantastic activity, both in and out of the classroom.

St George's Day Tea
Reception had a wonderful tea on the front lawn this morning to celebrate St George's Day. There was victoria sponge cake from Steph to enjoy, a cup of tea, and even a rendition of the National Anthem from Mr Nye!

A wonderful variety of hobbies have taken place throughout the week after school, with over 200 pupils taking part this week alone, and another 50 involved in LAMDA. Thank you to all the staff for putting on such an impressive offer, from golf, to swimming, to forest games, allotments, sketching and photography. Juliet has had some requests for some pupils to switch hobbies - we obviously want pupils to stick with their hobby for the term once chosen, but any pupils unhappy with their hobbies choice should speak to their tutor in the first instance.

Ducks at Dumpton
Parents may have heard about some particularly cuddly creatures who have arrived at Dumpton over the holidays. We have been incubating some eggs in the Science labs, and now have four chicks and one rather fluffy duckling. My huge thanks to Mr Cox and his family for their efforts here - the new duck run in the allotments is really taking shape, and we plan to home a few ducks and ducklings there over the Summer which will be lovely.

Captain Tom's 100
Next Friday we are celebrating what would have been Captain Tom's 101st birthday by taking part in Captain Tom's Challenge as a school. The idea is to do 100 of anything - and form groups will be coming up with some creative ideas I am sure. A lovely chance to celebrate Captain Tom's achievements together, whilst also raising a bit of money for charity.

Suncream and Hats
Just our annual reminder that with the sun shining and children outdoors so much, do apply suncream in the mornings, and do send your children in with hats!

Nursery Parent Survey
Thank you to all parents who completed this.- the survey results were incredibly positive and appreciative, and it is clear that there are some very happy children. I would like to thank all the Nursery staff for doing such an outstanding job. With nearly 50 pupils on roll in the Nursery this term, Miss Savannah Barman has joined the Nursery team to help at our busier times - many parents of older children will know Miss Barman well, and it has been lovely to have her back in the fold.

Cricket Fixtures
Mr Randle wrote to Prep School parents this week with an outline of our return to sporting fixtures over the coming weeks. It will be lovely to see some cricket against other schools this term. We know that the children are so very excited - please do refer to Mr Randle's letter, and get in touch if you have any questions.

I just wanted to thank Steph and her team for all their efforts to deliver the best possible catering at Dumpton during these very difficult times, with so many restrictions impacting our normal routines in the kitchen and dining room. We are obviously keen to ensure that our offering remains as excellent as always, so from next week, we will be safely re-arranging the servery back to our pre-pandemic set-up for a far more familiar Dumpton lunch service and offering. The team have worked wonders this year so far, but they are very much looking forward to getting things back to normal!

Spring Green Festival - Wimborne War on Waste - From Mrs Cox
With environmental responsibility and sustainable living being an ever-increasing focus at Dumpton, we continue to offer our support to the Wimborne Spring Green Festival, a week of online green-themed events encouraging us to celebrate nature, live more sustainably and care for our local and global environment - exactly what we are all about at Dumpton! However, trying to be 'eco' in today's world can add an extra dimension to the challenges we all face when it comes to making sustainable changes in our daily lives. The festival are therefore running a Zoom talk How to be Sustainable(ish) with kids in tow on Saturday 24th April at 7.30pm. Tickets are £3 and can be purchased from the Museum of East Dorset: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/events/. More information about the festival can also be found at wimbornegreenfestival.com or on their Facebook page @wimbornegreenfestival. A great opportunity to learn and share tips on how we can make a sustainable difference, so do attend if you can.

Year 5 Atom Learning
This week Year 5 have been introduced to the online Atom Learning program to support their preparation to senior schools. They have all been given their login details and as well as practising a skill every week, Mrs Rielly will be setting up weekly homework tasks in English, Maths, VR and NVR which can be completed at home for further reinforcement.

I do hope that this lovely sunshine continues and wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Christian Saenger