Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 9 October 2020

| 12 October 2020

Dear Parents

We have explored the notion of charity this week - and it was a pleasure to share a personal story in both the Prep School and Pre-Prep assemblies which highlighted the importance of recognising our own privilege, and embarking on 'service' to others. 7P also provided an informative and moving assembly for us today. I have challenged us as a school community to choose a cause for us to really get behind this term, and find an equally fitting way to raise funds and awareness. We talk a lot about kindness, and ‘treating others as we would like to be treated’ - it is time to back up those words with actions!

Outdoor Learning

The allotments have seen lots of action this term, as Mr Cox, Mr Bracken and his many pupil helpers gradually reach the end of the harvest. I know lots of children have been sent home laden with onions, beetroots, leeks and plenty more over the last few weeks! The outdoor learning areas in the woods have also been busy, with pupils from Nursery right through to Y8 spending time outside, appreciating the nature and the wide outdoors, but also learning things that they might not have been able to learn in a classroom. From team-building tasks, to stick-measuring, to Harvest festival performances, pottery workshops and shelter building, thank you to all the staff for providing so many outside opportunities to the children. 

Face Masks on Minibuses

A reminder please to ensure that all older children are wearing face masks on minibuses which is now compulsory. We hope that many of the younger children will also follow this example. The minibuses are a high risk area - and the face masks add an important layer of protection, not just for the pupils, but for the drivers, and indeed for the whole school community. Thank you for your support here.

Staying in Touch

It is harder to touch base with teachers than usual this term, and we are mindful of this. Please do remember that the 'open door policy' remains in spirit - if you want to touch base with a form tutor or subject teacher, please do - and this can be arranged over the phone, via Zoom, or even socially distanced at school at the end of the school day. Alongside the various reports sent home formally, and formal parents’ evening that take place, the informal interactions between home and school are an important part of Dumpton life.

Last Minute/Urgent Bus Cancellations

If for any reason, your child will not be travelling on the bus you must register this online as usual. All children will be sent home on their designated bus unless you have entered alternative details on the online booking system or have contacted the bus administrator busadmin@dumpton.com. If you need to make a last minute change for the same day, it is very important that you use both methods of communication.

Times Tables Rockstars

Well done to Flynn B, Josh G, Nathan S, Zac W, Thomas D, Massimo B and Alexander B for their sterling efforts here, and to 3W for winning this week's competition. It's lovely to see some healthy competition being channelled in such an important area. Thank you to Mr Smith for organising. (I wonder who will knock them off their perch next week?) I heard recently that around 50% of GCSE maths questions involve multiplication. 

Y2 Pottery 

2G really enjoyed their outdoor learning afternoon under the parachute in the orchard on Wednesday. They met with Luci who talked to them about working with clay and then each child had a turn on the potter’s wheel and made some autumn leaves and hibernating animals. A lovely afternoon was had by all. 2M are looking forward to their turn next week.

With best wishes

Christian Saenger