Academic Education

Our small class sizes, 'aim high' culture, and outstanding teaching ensures that every child, regardless of their ability, is supported to fulfil their academic potential.

We broadly follow the National Curriculum from Reception until Year 6, with Dumpton pupils performing well above national standards year on year, and achieving enviable success rates in senior school admissions testing, like the ISEB Pre-Test and the 11+. In Year 7, pupils embark on their own bespoke curriculum - The Dumpton Diploma - which prepares them brilliantly for life at their chosen Senior School.

Our school motto - 'You can because you think you can' - is the cornerstone of our teaching. Teachers, as well as teaching assistants, have the highest expectations of the pupils, and encourage children to develop a powerful growth mindset towards their learning. We build on innate abilities and help every single child to aim high. Academic progress is tracked carefully and reported to parents regularly so that we can work closely with you to support your child - it's a real team effort.

Technology is used to enhance children's learning - but never to distract from it. We are a mobile phone free school, but interactive screens, computing suites, tablets and laptops are available for all pupils: we ensure that children learn how to use technology proficiently, effectively and wisely. In Year 7, every pupil receives their own Chromebook from the school so they can manage their learning even more independently and are old enough to take this privilege responsibly.

Please see below for the school's latest academic achievements:

Academic Results from 2023-23

·  We achieved a record 9 Academic Scholarships awarded by senior schools, including 6 to Canford.

· 95% of those pupils sitting the ISEB Common Pre-Test in Year 6 were awarded a place at their senior school of choice, and a very high success rate with pupils passing the Grammar School 11+ Tests

· 92% of pupils sitting the Dumpton Certificate in Y8 were awarded grades A*- C in all subjects.

· Pupils throughout the school make significant progress compared to peers nationally as evidenced by GL Standardised Assessments where our average pupil scores, in percentile terms, are the 78th percentile for Maths, and 72nd percentile for English.