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"I cannot even begin to express how deeply impressed my husband and I were by Dumpton. It was all we talked about for the three days following our visit! In all honesty, we were viewing another school after you and for various reasons (mainly proximity to my in laws which would make child care / after school pick up a breeze) I had been hoping to like them better. Not the case! While they were great in their own way, Dumpton absolutely blew them out of the water, and frankly there was no comparison. 

Please, please do extend our deepest thanks to Mr Saenger, meeting him was an absolute joy. Every avenue was covered with such passion and attention to detail that the very long list of questions we had were answered before we could even ask them.

My husband and I had previously been told, “if you’re staying in Dorset and considering independent, then it’s Dumpton or don’t bother.” I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, your school is in a league of its own. " KELLY 2023


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