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Welcome to Dumpton

Dumpton is well known for its fantastic facilities, with a brand new state-of-the-art sports hall and stunning music school both completed in the last five years. These two developments added to an already beautiful rural site, with extensive playing fields, modern classrooms, an indoor swimming pool, adventure playgrounds, ponds, allotments, a campsite, and much much more. It is a wonderful place for a child to be.

However, brilliant human beings - not just brilliant facilities - are at the heart of any successful school. Dumpton is very well stocked in this department: we have an exceptional staff team, full of positive, caring people, who work hard together to ensure the happiness and growth of every pupil, and believe full-heartedly in what we do.

And what do we do at Dumpton? The success of this school lies in the strength of our values and ethos, something we sum up for our pupils in four words: be kind, aim high.

Be Kind

Kindness could not be more important to us. Our main school rule is 'treat others as you would like to be treated', and we aim for friendliness and empathy to permeate every classroom and corridor of the school. The atmosphere is nurturing and inclusive, and pupils, staff and parents share strong relationships as a result. Dumpton is more than just a school: it is a home away from home.

At a deeper level, our focus on kindness and empathy aims to build pupils' emotional intelligence - their ability to understand themselves and those around them. We believe this is integral to their future happiness and success.

Aim High

Our quiet sense of aspiration and ambition is illustrated by our school motto: 'you can because you think you can'. Inspiring self-belief is key. Inside the classroom, this means a commitment to small class sizes, high-quality teaching, and academic success for all. It means helping every child realise that with hard work, practice, determination and resilience, anything is possible. Outside the classroom, this means a broad range of experiences that not only provide huge enjoyment but, crucially, help children further develop their character: an outstanding sports’ programme, a broad range of performing arts opportunities, outdoor learning through our forest school and the famous Dumpton allotments, a diverse range of clubs and co-curricular activities, and some pretty adventurous and exciting residential trips.

It is of course, the outcomes that matter most. Our track record of ensuring successful transfer to the finest Senior Schools - and over 100 scholarships in the last four years - suggests we are getting something right. I would encourage you, too, to come and visit the school and meet our pupils and staff so you can experience for yourself the sense of community and aspiration that makes Dumpton such a special place.

We can promise you the warmest of welcomes.

Best wishes
Christian Saenger

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