Scholarships and Future Schools

Children head off to a range of outstanding senior schools from Dumpton. As a Preparatory School, it is our job to support you with this process.

The Headmaster offers an individual consultation with parents to discuss Senior School options, normally for the first time when your child is in Year 4 or Year 5. We offer ongoing advice and guidance, as well as ensuring your child is well prepared for any admissions tests, exams or interviews they might face to secure a place at their chosen school.

The majority of Dumpton children leave at the end of Year 8 to join a local independent senior school. Canford, Bryanston and Clayesmore are the three most popular destinations, but children from Dumpton have progressed to schools like Sherborne, Milton Abbey, Talbot Heath, Wellington College, Millfield, BCS, Ballard and Charterhouse in recent years. Some children leave Dumpton at the end of Y6, usually to join a local grammar school.

The school also ensures that pupils who show specific talent or interest in certain areas of school life are given the best possible chance of securing a scholarship, including Academic, Sport, Music, Drama, Art, DT and All Rounder scholarships. With a bespoke programme in place to support pupils with their preparation, the school has an enviable record.

Main Leaving Destinations in Last 5 Years

School Number of Pupils
Canford 72
Bryanston 37
Clayesmore 24
Milton Abbey 2
Wellington College 2
Sherborne or Sherborne girls 4
Talbot 7
Ballard 2
Millfield 3
Local Grammar School (11+) 20


Pie Chart Showing Leaving Destinations 2017 - 2022


Y8 Leaving Destinations 2022

School Number of Pupils
Canford 18
Bryanston 7
Clayesmore 4
Milton Abbey 2
Wellington College 1
Ringwood School 1


Scholarship Award

School 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Bryanston 3 1   1 3
Canford 7 3 5 5 8
Clayesmore 7 3 4 4 3
Millfield   5   1  
Milton Abbey 1 2      
Talbot Heath 3 7 2 6 2
Bournemouth Collegiate 1 4   4 3
Ballard     1 2  
Wellington College     2    
Godolphin     1