Kukri Sports School of the Month

| 13 November 2017

Dumpton PREP School Sport

We are delighted to have been chosen as Kukri Sports School of the Month this November. Sport is an integral part of life here at Dumpton - every child is encouraged to take part and learn the valuable lessons that come from being part of a team. Our sporting philosophy reflects that of the school -

Participation - all pupils have an hour of sport every day, and regularly close to 100% of pupils participate in matches every week

Respect - our pupils are encouraged to show respect to both teammates and opposition players, to accept the decisions of officials and to lose and win with good grace

Enjoyment - we try to ensure that the level of activity is always enjoyable and commensurate with the ability of the pupils, making sport as much fun as possible

Performance - Dumpton continues to challenge the pupils to be the very best sportsmen and women they can be through regular competitions, tournaments and fixtures. 

We have been and are National ChampionsNational FinalistsCounty Champions and local tournament winners, and have recently produced a World Champion, an Olympian and a Strictly Winner!!