Inspiring film by pupils at Dumpton School

| 10 July 2017

The Year 7 and 8 pupils at Dumpton School have been extra busy this year starring in, filming, producing and editing their own full-length feature film.

The film, called 'Under', was inspired by the real-life story of Tyneham Village, near Kimmeridge, purchased by the MoD during WW2. The Villagers were asked to leave and, despite promises to the contrary, were never allowed back there to live. Tyneham is largely in ruins, although some buildings have been rebuilt to act as a museum and seem almost as if the villagers have only just left. It is now very carefully tended by the MoD.

The story deals with a fictional community who move underground after being asked to leave their homes to hand them over to the military. Their leaders and elder councillors decide they should stay there, even though they know the land above is safe to return to after the end of WW2. The secret is kept by each successive generation of leaders until, 75 years after the first villagers go to live 'Under', one young girl questions the wisdom of her elders and dares to go back above. There she discovers the land is not ravaged by war but there is a different threat: a high-speed rail line is planned for the area and it will pass right through the line of hills above the mine tunnels where the villagers have made their home. The girl knows she has to reveal the truth to her community and help them back to the light.

The film has taken a year to complete, with most of the filming done by Year 7 and 8 pupils (12-13 year olds). They have also undertaken a 'Behind the Scenes' film and a trailer. The film includes drone footage and green screen technology for the filming that wasn’t done on location.  

Our thanks to the MoD for allowing us to film on location at Tyneham this term as it would not have been possible without their support. And our congratulations to the pupils for producing an outstanding film.

The music and screenplay are original and written purely for this project. A CD of the music is available to parents to buy and the proceeds will go to support the upkeep of Tyneham Village.