Headmasters Letter 26th April 2024
26 April 2024

Headmaster's Letter 26th April 2024

Dear Parents, 

Watching the school assemble on the front lawn today for our whole school photo was a timely reminder of how amazing childhood is. Our youngest pupils, sat cross legged, red-cheeked, wide-eyed, earnest and eager – and just behind, our oldest Y8s, on the cusp of adolescence, mature, yearning for independence and ready for responsibility. Such a significant contrast, yet the journey, for most of us as parents, will go in the blink of an eye! 

And of course, children can spend over a decade of that childhood here at Dumpton. It's an incredible privilege for us to oversee those special years - but also an incredible responsibility too. And it’s a responsibility we take really seriously indeed. 

I wrote to you all about our brilliant staff team yesterday – and it’s the staff who ‘set the weather’ each day, and work so hard to create the ‘Be Kind and Aim High’ environment where children can flourish, unearth their potential, and become the very best versions of themselves. But credit to our pupils too, who amaze us each day as they ‘live the values’ of the school through their array of achievements, their acts of kindness and empathy, or their moments of courage or resilience – all of which we have seen in spades already so far this Summer Term. 

And a final thank you to you as parents for your support and trust as your children navigate the most special, most exciting – and most important - years of their lives here at Dumpton. It’s a very special journey, and it's a privilege to share it with you. 

Enchanted Woodland Summer Ball – Closing Date for Tickets Friday 3 May  

We are so excited about welcoming lots of you to our wonderful Ball in a marquee on the school grounds. A once in every 5 years opportunity! Please grab tickets (link below) whilst you still can! If you have any questions at all about the Ball please do catch Mrs Shaw or call reception.


Canford Heads of School 

Of course, the journey continues after Dumpton, and it is always lovely to hear of successes once pupils leave. Two recent Old Dumptonians, George Guirdham and Will Vessey, have recently been nominated as two of the four ‘Heads of School’ for Canford. This is a significant achievement and the whole school community is really proud of both pupils. 


It’s been wonderful to see our cricket season start so well, and a big cheer for Thomas F in Year 7 who gained a hat-trick this week. The Year 5 team had a super day at the Prep School Canford Tournament, and there was a full and fun set of fixtures on Wednesday. All we need now is a little more sunshine!  

Reception visit Stewart's Garden Centre – From the Reception Teachers 
As part of our topic 'Growing and Changing' Reception visited the Grow Hub at Stewarts Garden Centre. The children explored the numerous glasshouses observing the different facilities, including the potting machine, automatic watering system and blinds. The glasshouses were set at different temperatures to optimise growing conditions. The tour ended with the children planting their very own dahlia plant, a quiz session in the conference centre and a tour of the garden centre. We can't wait to watch our dahlias grow! 

Class Assemblies 
Well done to 6A and 4A for two brilliant class assemblies this week. Both classes really did themselves proud, and it was lovely to sense the pride and positivity that the pupils had for Dumpton, for their peers, and for the way that we appreciate and celebrate our differences and diversity together.  

Summer Holiday Clubs 
Our ‘in-house' Summer Holiday clubs are now open for bookings, and open to pupils aged 3 upwards. Do book early to ensure you secure a place for your child. 

Bake Sale for Restless Development - Thursday 2 May  
Hello from The Ketchup Crew! We are competing in Bryanston’s triathlon on Sunday 12 May to raise money and awareness for Restless Development. We need to raise money to compete in this event so we will be running a bake sale on Thursday 2 May at the various pick up times (3.30pm, 4.15pm and 5.15pm), so please bring some cash to buy some delicious goodies for your children! Due to potential allergy risks, only children who have been picked up or deregistered will be able to buy. Here is also the link to our Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/page/theketchupcrew 

Thanks in advance for your support, Tristan BM, Thomas F, Barnie M & Jack M (Year 4). 

Some Reminders 

Thank you to all parents for reading a few key reminders below which all help school run smoothly and safely for all: 

Drop Off Zone – From Mr Perry 

This is a gentle reminder as the Drop Off Zone is becoming congested due to parents getting out of their cars. If you are dropping off please do not get out your car in the drop off zone, this zone is for children to safely exit the car. If you need to exit the car yourself to drop your child off then please use the parent car park. 

No Access to Pre-Prep Building between 8.30am and 3.15pm 

Thank you to all Pre-Prep parents for ensuring that you do not access the Pre-Prep building during school hours, for important security and safeguarding reasons as I am sure you appreciate. If you are running late or need to drop something off, please ensure you go via the school office and we will ensure your child is signed in and then safely dropped off with their class. Outside of these hours, and particularly for After School Club, you can access the building using the code 9981. Nursery and Pre-School parents can of course access via the patio doors as usual so long as a member of staff is present. 

Early Years Garden and Adventure Playground use - After School 

A reminder that parents are welcome to allow younger siblings to play in the sandpit area between 3.15 and 3.30pm each day in the Early Years Garden during that tricky period while you wait to pick up older siblings. We'd be grateful if no other equipment in the Early Years playground was used, and if you left at 3.30pm. From 3.30pm until 4.30pm parents and children are welcome to go to the Adventure Playground. However, from 4.30pm onwards After School Club pupils do use the Adventure Playground and we're afraid we will have to ask parents and children to leave at this point - but hopefully a good hour's run around is enough for most! 

Swimming Kit Reminder 

Just a reminder that all pupils in all years should have their swimming kit in school with them every day. Much as we will always try to help children who have forgotten something, Matron’s supply has its limits! 

With best wishes

Christian Saenger


Key Events Week Beginning 29/04/2024:    

Week 3: Theme of the Week - What Do I Want to Be? 


Tuesday 30 April 

Y6 Geography Trip to Lulworth 

PM: Sports Fixtures (Y3-Y4) - please see Dumpton Sports Site for full details 

Wednesday 1 May 

PM: Sports Fixtures (Y5-Y8) - please see Dumpton Sports Site for full details 

Thursday 2 May 

Y1 Pirate Adventure Day (including a visit to a Pirate Ship) 

Friday 3 May 

8.30: Prep School Junior Class Assembly (4C) 




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