headmasters Letter 2nd February  2024
02 February 2024

Headmaster's Letter 2nd February 2024

Dear Parents In a world where you can be anything.... Be kind. 

One element of Dumpton life that we never ever take our eye off is our ‘be kind’ ethos. We’re very proud to put kindness, empathy and emotional literacy at the heart of our school – and equally committed to ensuring that the ‘be kind’ message is more than just words. If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk... 

Like any other area of growing up, children have a lot to learn. In many ways, we are all biologically hard-wired from birth to be selfish! Understanding how to be considerate, caring and compassionate is something we have to learn – and comes more naturally to some. 

Our main approach is to create a culture where kindness is rewarded, praised, role modelled and promoted at all times. We want to help all children at Dumpton to recognise the benefits of becoming a kind, empathetic individual, and we hope they can make kindness a habit: a part of who they are and what they are known for.  

At the same time, we must act when children are getting this wrong – particularly when unkindness is affecting others. Parents may not always know or see the work the school does in this regard, but the staff team work tirelessly behind the scenes to address this and support children who are finding it harder to be kind, and harder to manage positive, healthy relationships with their peers. 

There is perhaps no greater gift that we can give our children to be empathetic, compassionate and kind individuals – a person who other people enjoy spending their time with. It lies at the heart of a happy life. And what more could we want for our children than that... 

Break time and the 'football pause' 

Prep School parents may have heard that football was paused at break time this week after a few too many reports of poor behaviour (and indeed, ‘unkindness’).  Football will return of course - but only once we have had the chance to clarify with the children our expectations: breaktime games must be kind, inclusive, fun – and most importantly – enjoyable for all. There are so many other lovely things to do at breaktimes – a range of playground games, library visits, books clubs, choirs, music ensembles and swimming clubs – and it has actually been refreshing to see so many children enjoying a bit of variety and interacting and playing so positively. 

Sporting Success 

Well done to our mighty U11A Boys Hockey Team who won the County Championship on Wednesday. We had other fantastic achievements in the last week, from Cross Country and Dodgeball fixtures, to our U13A Girls’ Netball success – do read the match reports attached. 

Parent Feedback Groups 

Thanks to all the parents who were invited to the Senior Feedback session on Wednesday morning. It was most useful and really constructive, and a chance for us to better understand about areas we can pay closer attention to. On Monday morning it's the turn of the Juniors (Y3 to Y5) – Lerryn will have emailed invited parents to confirm. 

Visit from the RNLI - From the EYFS Team  The children were very lucky last Thursday afternoon, they experienced a visit from Florence's daddy, who is a volunteer for the RNLI.  He chatted to the Pre-School, the Nursery and our Reception classes and showed the children a Power Point, whilst reading a safety story.  Mr Ayling, also came dressed in his rescue clothes and invited the children to ask questions.  Thank you, Mr Ayling, for giving up your time and for presenting the children with certificates.      Pop up Play Village – From the EYFS Team  The Nursery, Preschool and Reception children were treated to a visit from Pop Up Play Village. This was a fun way to use role play to teach the early years curriculum. Katie Knox gave the children challenges to complete in the different role play areas and the children had fun completing them. A thoroughly enjoyable day for all.

House Art Competition – From Mr Loe, Head of Art  Please see the attached poster for more details about our House Art Competitions. There are separate Junior (Yrs 3-5) and Senior (Yrs 6 – 8) competitions with all entries to be completed by Friday 23 February and all entries being rewarded with merits! There will be a winner chosen from each house and an overall winner. 

Primary Maths Challenge - Bonus Round  Very well done to Chloe G, Flynn B, Harry C & Felix SV who have all qualified for the Bonus Round of the Primary Maths Challenge based on their scores in the PMC last term.  They will have a go at the Bonus Round paper on Monday and we look forward to seeing how they get on with these harder problems and questions. 

Message from the Matrons   Due to the large number of poorly children which we have at the moment, please can we reiterate the importance of good hygiene. Hand washing is probably the very best defence and easy for the children, we would also like to remind them to cover their mouths when they cough and to try to catch sneezes in tissues which can then be disposed of.     If your child is unlucky enough to suffer a bout of diarrhoea and/or vomiting, please may we remind you that we operate the 48 hour rule - this runs from the last time your child is ill, and this rule is in place to protect the pupils and staff.    We also would like to explain that we run a protocol regarding temperatures, which we do use to support our clinical judgement on how a child presents.  We will usually contact parents if the child is showing a temperature of 37.5° C and above, especially our younger pupils, as in our experience in school, they often go quickly to developing a much higher temperature if Paracetamol/Calpol is not given, (the NHS recommend treatment at 38° C.)    Sleeping Beauty at the Lighthouse Theatre  Our very own Jessica G will be performing in Sleeping Beauty at the Lighthouse Theatre on Saturday 25 May, we want to wish her all the best and we are so proud of her earning a role in such a presitigious show. Tickets for the show are now available to book, here is the link for more information: https://www.lighthousepoole.co.uk/event/sleeping-beauty-100-years-of-enchantment/  

Half Term Holiday Activities 

As well as the new Computer Explorers activity day (please see last week’s letter), we’re delighted to also be hosting HMS Soccer Camp here on the 14th to 16th of February. Please see the attached flyer for more details on how to sign up your child. 

Easter Term Holiday Club 

A reminder to book your places at the holiday clubs: Dumpton School Nursery and Reception Easter Club 2024 Dumpton School Easter Club 2024

Christian Saenger 


Key Events Week Beginning 05/02/2024:     WEEK 6: Theme of the Week: E-Safety  WEEK B    Monday 5 February  Canford Sport Scholarships (girls)  8.30: Junior (Y3 - Y5) Parent Feedback Group with Mr Saenger  15.45: Reception Parents' Evening  16.30: Y5 Parents' Evening (in person)    Tuesday 6 February  Canford Art Scholarships  12.10: Elevate Y8 Workshop - Memory Mnemonics  PM: Sports Fixtures (Y3-Y4) - please see Dumpton Sports Site for full details  16.30: Y1 & Y2 Parents' Evening    Wednesday 7 February  Canford Drama Scholarships  Y2 Asian Kitchen  8.30: Pre-Prep (Nursery - Y2) Parent Feedback Group with Mr Saenger  PM: Sports Fixtures (Y5-Y8) - please see Dumpton Sports Site for full details  15.00: Pre-Prep Class Assembly (2M)    Thursday 8 February  Canford Design Technology Scholarships  8.15: Y1 Parent Drop In  8.30: Prep School Assembly - Performing Arts and Sports Reports  16.30: Y8 Scholars Parents' Evening (in person)  19.30: Dumpton Friends Quiz Night    Friday 9 February  13.30: Lunchtime Concert (Selected Pupils)  17.45: Half Term Begins (normal school day and buses as usual)


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