Headmasters Letter - Friday 4 November
04 November 2022

Headmaster's Letter - Friday 4 November

Dear Parents

It is part of our vision for Dumpton to put character education at the heart of what we do:‘through the range of outstanding opportunities both in and out of the classroom, pupils develop the character qualities to thrive now, and flourish in their futures.’ 

As parents know, we have launched a new framework for character education called The Dumpton Way, and this week we introduced our first virtue: Resilience. The children explored this in a host of ways, from learning about inspiring examples of resilience (ask Prep School children about the Artist Henry Fraser, or the French Horn player Felix Kleiser), as well as reflecting on all the occasions we might have to experience resilience here at Dumpton. 

As I said to the children this morning at the end of 3B’s excellent assembly, life is full of little challenges. And we have to learn not to be afraid of times when things are difficult or when we might fail – because it is these experiences that sometimes teach us more about ourselves than any other. Helping our children become more resilient in their time with us is a real gift that we can give them for their futures. 

Some of us may see our children lacking in resilience at times – this is entirely normal! But resilience, like anything else in life, can be practiced and learnt. It is our job as adults to provide continued encouragement to children, continued reassurance, continued support, and continued reminders that, as Winston Churchill so eloquently put: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!” 

Y6 ISEB Pre-Test 
Well done to all the Y6 pupils who sat their ISEB Pre-Test here at Dumpton this week, and good luck to the Y7 pupils sitting theirs soon. The ISEB pre-test is the first part of the admissions process for a number of Independent Senior Schools – including very popular local options like Canford and Bryanston, but also schools further afield like Sherborne, Wellington College, Winchester College, Eton and Marlborough, all of whom are potential destinations for current Dumpton pupils.  

A reminder to parents that I am here to support you with choosing the right Senior School for your child. Do arrange a time to come and speak to me in person about this - the best time for a first discussion is when your child is in Year 4 or Year 5. 

Good Schools Guide Review  
Over the Summer we received a glowing review from the Good Schools Guide – the most well respected and discerning voice reviewing the various independent schools. We’re very proud indeed of the whole review, and the last paragraph is a particularly nice summary: “A relatively small but perfectly-formed prep with a strong academic record, competitive but inclusive sports programme, impressive facilities and emphasis on emotional resilience. Parents say they made the right choice. ‘We’ll be sad to leave,’ mused one. We can see why.” 

The full review is definitely worth a read, and can be found here.

Girls Football 
Congratulations to all our football teams this week – it is the first round of football fixtures for the girls, and in triangular tournaments and fixtures against Forres Sandal Manor, Bryanston Prep, and West Moors Middle. All the girls competed admirably, and it is lovely to see the enjoyment and enthusiasm being shown for football at the moment. 

Y1 Kingston Lacy 
Y1 picked a much better day for their trip to Kingston Lacy today. They very much enjoyed learning about the history of this wonderful property whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings. We hear they behaved themselves impeccably.

Dumpton Lunch Experience 
It was a pleasure to have lunch with a few lucky pre-prep parents who secured a place at our first lunch of the year. I know they all enjoyed the chance to see their children at lunch, and to sample Steph and her team’s delicious food. Y3 and Y4 parents have their chance this coming Monday – we're afraid it is for confirmed booking only – do contact the school office if you are unsure if you have a place. 

National Biathlon Competition 
We have a number of children competing this weekend in the South West Regional Biathlon Championships. It is great to see our budding biathletes and triathletes progressing so well, all of whom take advantage of our early morning club on Tuesdays. We wish them all the best of luck! 

The Osmonds – National Tour! 
Many of you will know that Austen R has been touring the country in a professional musical ‘The Osmonds’ this year – but recently he has been joined on the cast by his younger brother Miles! We are so proud of both the boys who are gaining a huge amount from this very exciting experience, and balancing this with their academic studies very well indeed.  

Remembrance Service 
We look forward to our Remembrance Service next week. This is a solemn, moving occasion for the school, and always observed immaculately by the pupils. Parents are unable to attend we are afraid, but we will ensure we take some appropriate footage and share this with you on our social media channels. 

Poppy Appeal 
We have lots of poppies to see here at school, and some Y8 pupils will be making their way round classrooms next week. You may wish to send your child in with a small amount of money to donate for this cause – we do hope most pupils in the school will be able to wear a poppy for that important occasion on Friday. 

Music Timetable
Just a reminder that the weekly Music Timetable can be found on the new Parent Portal.

Key Events Next Week: (please see sports site and calendar for all fixtures) 

Theme of the Week - Respect & Remembrance 

Monday 7 November 
All Day: Y6 + Y5 (group) Primary Maths Challenge 
12.45pm: Experience Dumpton Lunch! (Pre-booked parents) 
4.30pm: Y7 (7TR) Online Parents' Evening: CE Subjects only 

Tuesday 8 November 
All Day: Bryanston Jazz Day 
10.45am: School Council Meeting

Wednesday 9 November 
All Day: Y6 + Y5 (group) Primary Maths Challenge 

Thursday 10 November 
Y7 (7TU) Online Parents' Evening: CE Subjects only 

Friday 11 November 
10.45am: Remembrance Service 

With best wishes

Christian Saenger


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