Headmasters News Letter - Friday 2 September
02 September 2022

Headmaster's News Letter - Friday 2 September

Dear Parents

The school has been abuzz with activity this week as teachers have returned to get their classrooms ready, new staff have been inducted, and the site development work has been completed. We even held a very successful Triathlon Camp for the first time. My thanks go to all the staff who have worked so busily over the Summer, especially our fantastic support staff teams.
We really hope that all of our families are looking forward to returning next week. There are just a few useful final reminders to share with you before the weekend:

Sign-Up Forms Reminder
Yesterday, Welcome Letters were sent to each year group and we hope that this information has been
useful in planning your child's return. A reminder to please fill in all the necessary forms by Monday
morning at 9am so that we can gather all the information we need to about wrap-around-care, Hobbies,
DECA and are other co-curricular activities.

New Pupils
We are particularly thinking of the many new families who are joining Dumpton this term. We are
looking forward to welcoming you to the school before term begins at our 'New Pupils' events
on Monday (Early Years new pupils) and Tuesday (Y1 to Y8 new pupils), and we hope this will ensure a
very smooth and happy transition to Dumpton for your child. However, please don't hesitate to get in
touch if you have any questions or concerns at all - we are here to help!

Dumpton Friends will be in touch with families soon to share news about exciting new events planned
for the community. They also wanted to encourage as many families as possible - old and new - to sign
up to Classlist (via Classlist.com), an online app that helps the parent community connect, collaborate
and celebrate together. This is now ready for the new school year with pupils rolled into their new year

Drop off and Pick Up
I have also attached below a summary of Drop-Off and Pick-up arrangements. It will all become very
straightforward once we are into the flow of term, but this overview gives the key information you need
to ensure that Drop-Off and Pick-Up work smoothly (and of course safely) for all concerned. I would
appreciate if all parents could give this a quick read so you are aware of the routines, and you can also of
course share this with others who may be dropping off or picking up your child.  Please note that on the
first day of term parking will be available on the school field so that all parents can join their child should
they wish to.

With my best wishes for an excellent weekend.

Christian Saenger



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