Headmasters Newsletter, Friday 19th May 2023
19 May 2023

Headmaster's Newsletter, Friday 19th May 2023

Dear Parents 

One of the joys of a Prep School is seeing our youngest and oldest pupils come together – in very few other settings can children as much as ten years apart share experiences in this way. Our older pupils thrive as a result of the responsibility and leadership opportunities that come from being the most senior who they often seem to utterly idolise. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship. 

To make the most of this, every pupil in Y8 takes part in a Leadership Programme which provides them with opportunities to take responsibility and work with younger pupils in the school. All of Y8 spent time again in Nursery and Pre-Prep this week and I heard rave reports about how they handled themselves. We also had a number of Y8s helping with Open Morning tours this morning, Joshua DLH and Fraser B are running the sound and lighting for the Worst Witch like seasoned professionals, whilst our Y8 Sports Leaders are often found supporting games sessions and even refereeing matches for the Juniors. 

I also received this email from Mrs Cox, Head of Geography, today after some Y8s had taught a lesson to Y4 as part of their Dumpton Certificate – it was lovely to read, and perfectly encapsulates how much everyone has to gain from these interactions: 

“I just had to drop you a line after Amelie, Alice and Heidi taught a lesson to one of my Y4 classes today - they were simply outstanding! Teaching a lesson is probably the scariest thing they will do at Dumpton - very different from giving a presentation - and the interaction they had with the pupils and the encouraging, caring atmosphere they created was really brilliant.  To watch them all just blossom with such confidence and empathy was really heart-warming and the younger pupils loved it and genuinely learned something! I am extremely proud of them all.  Very well done indeed!” 

Family Afternoon – Friday 26th May 
Our Alice in Wonderland themed Family Afternoon takes place one week from today! We are so excited to open our doors to you all on Friday 26 May at 1.15pm for Pre-Prep, and 1.45pm for the Prep School. Pupils whose family are not able to attend will, of course, be looked after and will still have a fantastic time.  Thank you to everyone who has already confirmed their plans by completing the form. Please, please please can we ask you to Click Here to let us know if you are able to attend. We need this back by Monday at the latest... please don't give us too many people to chase!   

Wellington College, Eton and Winchester Success 
Whilst the majority of Dumpton pupils head off to one of a number of excellent schools in Dorset, it is lovely to see children from Dumpton finding success further afield at some of the finest schools in the country. 

I am delighted to announce that Harry F has been awarded a commendation for Humanities from Wellington College, a highly popular destination where the academic scholarship process is particularly fiercely contested. I am also delighted to congratulate Sean F in Y6 who has been offered places at both Winchester and Eton – two fine schools with very demanding admissions processes. For both Harry and Sean these are significant achievements – we're very proud of their efforts. 

Sports Reports 
We met our match this week with some tough fixtures against Sandroyd, but well done to the U10s who continue their strong season, and the U8 and U9 teams who are alsodisplaying plenty of promise with their cricket.  There was also some tennis and athletics against Castle Court – despite the rain doing its best to interfere! 

Girls Cricket Opportunities 
With Dumpton cricket now fully ‘mixed’ throughout the school, seeing the girls gaining confidence and flourishing with their cricket has been a delight to see. Local clubs are really pushing girls’ cricket too, and we have a strong link with Wimborne CC who are doing excellent work on this front. We also attach a flyer from Ferndown CC which may be of interest to some Dumpton families too. 

Neurodiversity Week 
Last week at school we celebrated neurodiversity, and I am grateful to Mrs Shaw for her excellent assemblies to the children. We learnt about neurodiversity, how common it is in society, and what the impact can be of conditions like dyslexia, dyspraxia, Autism or ADHD. So many children at Dumpton (and indeed adults) are neurodiverse, and it’s really important that we have a culture that is understanding, inclusive and empathetic to the barriers others might face – often unseen – but also aware of the amazing strengths and personal qualities that can come from being neurodiverse.  

Drop Off– a message from our Bursar, Mr Perry 
A polite reminder that in order to make the morning drop off as safe as possible for all, please can we keep the two drop off zones clear for dropping off only. There should be enough parking spaces free in the car park above the astro-turf. When this is full please use the parking spaces by the teaching block, but please take care when using these spaces as the traffic will be moving and there is no pavement for pedestrians to safely cross. 

Reception Pet Show 
Thank you to all who participated in the Annual Reception Pet Show. Exhibits included a large variety of dogs, a few cats and a hamster! Much fun was had all by all and it was lovely to see so many winners! 

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge – from Mr Smith 
Well done to the Year 7 & Year 8 pupils who entered the Junior Maths Challenge and congratulations to the 71% of pupils who have been awarded a certificate.  There were 13 bronze and 13 silver certificates awarded.  Special congratulations to the 6 gold certificate winners - Alexander S, Kitty Mc, Josh DLH, Ivory J, Zak H & Nicholas L. Alexander, Kitty and Josh have all qualified for the next round of this competition, which will take place after half term. 

British Science Week Poster Competition announced - from Mrs Catton 
The British Science Week Poster Competition winners were announced this week, and you can view the winning posters from across the UK here: https://www.britishscienceweek.org/winners-of-the-2023-poster-competition-announced/ No national win for Dumpton this time but Heads Commendations and postcards will be awarded to some of the very impressive Dumpton entries we received. A selection of posters are on display in the teaching block. Well done to all who entered, and we look forward to seeing your entries next year!  

From Dumpton Friends  
Dumpton Friends are looking into hosting a Summer Ball in June for all the parents especially the Year 8 parents of which this will be their last summer at Dumpton. Please help us get an idea of interest for this event and an idea of rough numbers to see if it is possible to put on – potentially on June 23rd. Please complete this form Thank you in advance. 

Cookie Sale to raise money for Dementia UK 
Thomas P and a group of his friends in Y6 will be baking cookies to raise money for Dementia UK (in Food Tech). These will be sold at break time on Tuesday (23 May) so please could pupils bring a small amount of money if they would like to buy one. 

Summer Clubs 
A reminder that the Summer Club registrations are open – please click on the links below to reserve your spot! 

Nursery & Reception Summer Holiday Club 

Y1 - Y8 Summer Holiday Club 

With best wishes for the weekend.

Christian Saenger



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