Headmasters Letter Friday 13th January 2023
13 January 2023

Headmasters Letter Friday 13th January 2023

Dear Parents

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela 

Our theme of the week was ‘Courage’ this week, and we explored this in all its different forms – from the type of bravery it takes to become a soldier or a fire fighter, to all those different - but equally important - ways we can be courageous each day: the courage to ask for help; the courage to stand up for what we believe in; the courage to try new things. We also learnt about people who had changed the world for the better (Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart), and how courage was central to their achievements.  

Here at Dumpton, courage is what allows children to step outside their comfort zones and realise what they are capable of. As we often say to the children, a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there! We hope that children at Dumpton get the chance to be courageous every day, and develop the confidence to take risks, try new things, and stand up for what they believe in and for what they know is right. If we can help them develop that quiet confidence and courage now, what a gift that will be for them in their futures... 

Future Schools Guide  
Choosing a senior school for your child is a big decision – and it’s an important part of our role here at Dumpton to support you and offer guidance. For those parents interested, please find attached a Future Schools Guide – we hope it collates some useful information all in one place, and gives you an overview of the process and the support we provide at Dumpton along the way. Mr Morgan will also be writing to all parents in Y5 about ‘Atom Learning’ on Monday.  

Netball and Hockey vs Sandroyd 
It was great to see nearly 200 pupils braving the weather this week in their fixtures against Sandroyd. Though the rain was biblical at times, and at least a couple of fixtures were cut short, it was commented in the staffroom (as we all dried ourselves off by the radiators after dismissing the children,) that none of us had heard a single child complain about the rain or the cold all afternoon! The positivity and enthusiasm of the Dumpton pupils never fails to amaze me – what a brilliant attitude to display. Thank you to the parents who braved the conditions too!  

Class Assemblies 
Well done to 3B for kicking off our class assemblies so well this term with their lovely presentation on courage, and it was wonderful to have so many parents in attendance. We very much look forward to 6M, and for the first time this year a Pre-Prep class (2F) next week. 

Y7 Independent Project Qualification Presentations 
We look forward to the Y7 IPQ Presentations on Monday at 4.30pm - a huge congratulations to all those pupils who achieved Distinctions and have the chance to present to their peers, staff and parents. We can’t wait to hear about their passions, their research and their projects, each project has been achieved entirely independently. 

Y1 and Y2 Drop Ins 
Thank you to all those parents who ‘dropped in’ this morning to see their child’s work. I hope you enjoyed seeing what your children have been doing so far this term. I know the children really enjoy telling you all about their learning. 

Musical Ducklings 
Musical Ducklings is our baby and toddler group for children aged 2 years and under. It begins again on Wednesday 18 January, from 8.30am to 9.30am. Mrs Mudd and Mrs Saenger hope to see many of you there – do contact Mrs Siggers to confirm your interest in attending. 

National Schools Equestrian Association Competitions 
If your child has reached a competitive level with their horse-riding, and they are interested in representing Dumpton in the NSEA competitions, please do contact Rebecca Harrison-Short who is kindly coordinating our team (marketing@dumpton.com). Olivia O’S and Heidi S are competing this weekend – we wish them the best of luck! 

We currently have space in our LAMDA (Speech and Drama) department for pupils in Y6 - Y8 to have LAMDA lessons and progress through their LAMDA grades on Friday afternoons. If you would like to enrol your child, please follow this link: Click Here 

Key Events Next Week: (please see sports site and calendar for all fixtures)    
Week 3: Theme of the week - Celebrating World Religions  

Monday 16 January 
9.00am: Reception visit the Post Office - Postponed 
4.15pm: Y7 IPQ Presentations to parents 

Tuesday 17 January 
8.30am: Prep School Class Assembly (6M) 
4.30pm: Y7 Ridgway Presentation for Y8 Scotland Trip: Online or In Person 

Wednesday 18 January 
3.00pm: Pre-Prep Class Assembly (2F) 

Thursday 19 January 
All Day: Year 6 Bryanston Maths Challenge (selected group) 
8.30am: Prep School Assembly - Performing Arts & Sports Reports 
4.30pm: Y3 Parents' Evening (in person) 

Friday 20 January 
10.45am: School Council Meeting - Performing Arts Focus 

Christian Saenger



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