09 January 2023

Headmaster's Letter - Friday 6 January

Dear Parents

A warm welcome back to a new term here at Dumpton – and a particularly warm welcome to the new families joining us this term. We do hope your children have settled in well, and wish you the warmest of welcomes to the Dumpton community.  

My weekly letter on a Friday is home to some important information and reminders as you will see below. As well as this, I do hope the letter also gives parents an even greater insight in to the different elements of Dumpton life, and the wonderful experiences and achievements of the children throughout the school. Thank you to all parents for doing their best to read it each week: we know how busy you all are, but we do hope you find it useful having all this information in one place. 

A window into life at Dumpton: Social Media  

A brilliant way for all parents to gain a better insight into Dumpton life is through our social media channels, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Pictures and videos can tell far better stories than my words, so I do hope parents follow our exploits here, and that this gives you an additional window into Dumpton life.

Townsend Warner History Prize – From Mr Tridgell 

The History Department is very excited to have 10 pupils entered into the prestigious Townsend-Warner History Prize on Friday 13 January 2023. The 10 pupils will be completing an hour long paper that examines and stretches their knowledge of History, in the hope of making it through to the next round. This is a national competition for IAPS schools so it is fantastic to have such committed Historians here at Dumpton who are willing to represent the school. I am sure we will wish Lily-Rose, Lyra, Heidi, Harry, James, Bertie, Alexander, Austin, Max and Kitty the very best of luck for Friday. 

Message from Matron 

Thank you to our Matron team who have written today (see email below) to outline our response to the current health situation. I would be grateful if all parents read the email and the attached guidance – and let’s hope with a bit of vigilance we can all remain as healthy and happy as possible for the term ahead. 

Class Assemblies 

We have our first class assembly next week thanks to 3B. A reminder to all parents that you are always welcome to come and watch any assemblies when your child is performing. It's especially exciting to see the Pre-Prep classes hold their first class assemblies later this term – we're sure they will be very excited to have their parents in to watch. Whilst we have made the decision to no longer live stream assemblies, we will do our best to take pictures and videos for those parents unable to attend in person. 

Absence and Lates Reminders 

Absence: A reminder to all parents that if your child is ill please email Matrons (matron@dumpton.com) or ring the school office, rather than notify your child’s form teacher. Please also continue to notify us each day your child is ill. 
Late: If you arrive late to school (after 8.30am), please sign your child in at the school office so that we can ensure they are registered. 

Prep School - Pick-up times this term

Pick-up times for Prep School pupils have been rolled over from last term, including pupils who stay for Prep, DECA and Hobbies. If the arrangements for your child to stay for Prep, DECA or Hobbies have changed, please let the school office know as soon as possible. 

Prep School Hobbies – From Mr Moulton 

We are delighted that Prep School Hobbies begin next Friday. Children will be making their selection at school during the week, but below is a list of what is available, so that you and they can discuss what to choose. Children can choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, and will be allocated to their preferred choice wherever possible. 

  • Dance - Years 3-6 
  • Movie Making - Years 4-8 
  • Academic Extra Time - Years 7-8  
  • Junior Scientists - Years 3-4  
  • Photography Years 3-8 
  • Dramarama - Year 3 
  • Charity Fundraising Ideas and Activities - Years 3-8  
  • Global Citizenship Team - Years 3-8 
  • Invasion Games (Astro) - Years 3-8 
  • Winter Cricket Nets (hardball) - Years 5-8 
  • Art Enrichment Group - Years 5-8  
  • DT Enrichment Group - Years 5-8  
  • Global Citizenship – Donations required  

DECA - From Mrs Cox

In DECA (the Dumpton Extra Curricular Award involving years 3-5) each class have a Global Citizenship rotation. We will have a re-use/recycle focus each half term and so if you are having a clear out please could you hold onto the following so that we can reuse/recycle: 

  • Wellies (any size)
  • Waterproof trousers, coats and puddlesuits (any size) 
  • Mobile Phones (cleared of information!) 
  • Shoes of any size (for a Sal's Shoe collection and a boot swap) 

We will begin collecting the wellies this half term and will have information in next week's letter 

Mr Keith Randle 

After many years of dedicated service, Mr Keith Randle is retiring at the end of this term. As our Clerk of Works, Keith has been responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the school site – and as I am sure you will agree, has ensured it is kept in the most fantastic condition. We will all have the chance to thank Keith properly for all he has done at the end of this term. 




Current Job Vacancies 

We are currently advertising for Maintenance and Estate Manager and Student Teaching Assistants – please do see the adverts on the school website (www.dumpton.com/vacancies) and do pass on to anyone you know who may be interested. 

Key Events Next Week: (please see sports site and calendar for all fixtures)   

Week 2: Theme of the week - The Dumpton Way: Courage 

All Hobbies, DECA and Early Morning Sports Clubs start this week

Monday 9 January 

3.30pm: Pre-Prep Hobbies Begin 

Tuesday 10 January 

All day: Y8 Geography Coursework Day 
8.30am: Prep School Assembly (DM) 

Thursday 12 January 

8.30am: Prep School Assembly - Performing Arts & Sports Reports 
4.15pm: DECA for Y3, Y4 and Y5 Begins 

Friday 13 January 

8.15am: Y1 & Y2 Parents Drop In Session 
8.30am: Prep School Junior Class Assembly (3B) 
4.15pm: Prep School Hobbies Begin 

Christian Saenger



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